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Each season has its own way of dressing, as shown by the 5 men’s fall trends , and each occasion has its own style! Without a doubt, you don’t choose your clothes with the same care that you laze around at home or go out for a trip with friends.

And, even when traveling with friends, the way you dress depends greatly on the activity chosen. Today, we are interested in the look to adopt at a casino night , whether it really takes place in a temple of gambling or whether it is simply a theme party aimed at immersing you in the ambiance of Ocean’s Eleven .

Generally, casinos display on their front door the now famous phrase  “Correct  attire required” which can destabilize some, not necessarily very serene about their dress style, even when they have the impression of making an effort. swapping their T-shirt for a shirt and swapping their sneakers for Converse  or shoes a little more “city”.

And yet, as we tell you today, it is exactly in this state of mind that a casino night should be approached:  bet on sobriety, avoiding both overly sophisticated outfits and outfits that do not. are not enough . But, in practice, what does that mean?

Professional Poker Players, Stylish Athletes

You should know, today, poker players take fashion very seriously, to the point of making their dress style an essential element of their image. But that was not always the case, far from it. As proof, in recent years,  the way professionals in the sector dress has greatly evolved, moving from a rather sporty or even neglected style to a much more chic look.

While it was not uncommon in the 1990s to see card enthusiasts landing in tournaments dressed in a simple sports jersey and garish sunglasses, fashion changed in the 2000s with an arrival in strength of the men’s suit, sober and chic at the same time thanks to its dark colors and its beautiful cut.

If you are told this, it is not so that you force yourself to undergo such a radical transformation to ensure and have class at the casino. It is simply to show you that  the sobriety associated with an outfit made of beautiful materials is the option you should choose for this kind of occasion . By the way, be aware, as times have changed, you certainly won’t walk into a casino these days wearing a tracksuit or sneakers.

Items to be Avoided

Generally speaking, beyond sporty looking clothes, leave in the closet anything that tends to catch the eye, such as military outfits (although this style apparently appeals to women ), colorful pants, shoes. or even flip flops – and this applies even if the casino is located by the sea. Also, in a large majority of cases, the security will not let you into the casino if you are wearing shorts. The correct dress apparently rhymes with hidden ankles!

Finally,  if you want to wear jeans, know that it is not at all prohibited to enter this type of establishment . Simply, pair it with a nice shirt and avoid light-colored jeans as much as possible.

Elements to Focus on

Overall, go for  dark colors  (the timeless black, gray or navy blue), which immediately tend to give you a chic and understated look. Make sure you choose an outfit that you will feel stylish in while still being comfortable enough to wear it for several hours.

In this regard,  linen can be a  perfectly suited clothing material, providing you with unparalleled comfort, even in hot weather, which can be handy if you are the type to stress (and therefore sweat) easily in the heat. ‘a game of poker.

Finally,  make sure to harmonize your outfit, without trying to coordinate it entirely in terms of colors: today, the trend is for mismatched clothes, be aware of it … As long as you do not use too many colors, under penalty of looking like a clown!

Ah, and last detail, do not forget whatever happens to have pockets to place your identity card, your wallet, and your potential earnings! Now it’s your turn… and in style!

Women at the Casino

Let’s face it, men have an easier job than women when it comes to getting ready for a night out. Whether it’s going to a bar, restaurant, wedding or casino, a simple suit will do the trick. In the Western world, the costume has remained the traditional ceremonial dress of men. If we look back, we can see that street clothes, also called “the suit”, have been around since the end of the 19th century. Previously, we can see other incarnations of the suit which was established in the 17th century by the English King Charles II. Although only a few small traces of the modern costume can be found there, many believe it to be the very first version.

Each casino is different, which is why your choices of look should be determined by the geography of the place and its attendance.

If you are told “casino night”, you immediately think: should I dress classy? Or would I be out of step with others if I come overdressed? I want to be comfortable, but what are the right outfits to avoid making a fashion faux pas  ? We explain everything in this article.

At the multiple tables of poker, blackjack and roulette wheels, it’s your style and your personality that you must put on the table , and thus give the impression of winning just with your looks. And also think that even if you are new to slots, you can look like a casino ace with the right look. Whatever happens, find out beforehand about the casino you are going to go to, because ultimately your choices of look will be partly determined by the geography of the place and its attendance.

Glam style

We often have a somewhat distorted image of casinos in part because of the notoriety of Las Vegas and the stars that stay there . We see a very glamorous side, with sequins and feathers as essential bases. If you are going on vacation to Las Vegas or to an establishment that plays the game of its atmosphere, you can opt for a dress and basic high heels, choosing sequins, or moiré / gold / silver effects in slight details. These color choices can also be worn as a top with black pants. And you can of course add a little feathers, as a light touch, on a hair jewelry or on your earrings. A clutch with shine effects (mirror, sequins, gold, varnish…) can also have a small effect.Whatever you choose, watch out for excess, stay glamorous and not disco or vulgar. It would be a shame if you lost your focus during your poker game because you can feel mocking stares around you.

For gentlemen who would like to match, it may be interesting to wear dress pants in a dark and fairly neutral color. A classy shirt with a strong enough color, like red to go with the lipstick of these ladies, can be the most beautiful effect. When we go to the casino, we show our hands a lot. So as women should highlight their manicures to optimize their poker hand , men can wear cufflinks to match their outfit. A good idea is to match the buttons to the color of your socks for a discreet but glamorous reminder.

Sophisticated style

Some people prefer to keep a more sober look but still have a sophisticated side. This can be adapted, for example, when you are invited to the casino for a business party.

In this case, women can be elegant with tailored pants / chinos or even a pencil skirt, with a nice shirt with a ponytail collar. This kind of style is efficient and hassle-free, and you’re sure to have class around the poker table whether you’re playing the Texas Hold’em or Omaha Hi-Lo variation. You can even choose flashy colors for the top. It can get very hot in the casino at times, so consider bringing a short sleeve top and a classy jacket in case the air conditioning is too strong. When it comes to jewelry, gold is your best friend to boost this look, but brass can also look great. The important thing is to choose discreet jewelry. You can wear black or matching heels with your top.

Men, on the other hand, can be sophisticated with dark-hued pants, classy city shoes and of course the eternal simple but effective shirt. Truth be told, especially if it’s for a business night, men can easily stay in business suits, although a tie isn’t mandatory. For the cufflinks, no eccentricity, we stay on a sober color. A blazer with matching socks is a nice look to compose to play it sophisticated contemporary.

Relaxed style

Some casinos do not require fancy looks or strict attire. However, most people still dress a little better than for a basic day.

A maxi dress will fit perfectly into a casual casino environment and you can wear a denim jacket over it when the air conditioning is rife. Try to avoid strapless dresses, and opt for a dress with thick straps or with sleeves. Choose a fitted denim jacket, in standard blue denim. For shoes, opt for ballet flats or wedge sandals. If your dress is casual enough, your shoes may be a more bold color or print. But if your outfit is colorful, choose a neutral color for your shoes.

Chinos are great for men who appreciate a more relaxed casino vibe. Wear them with a light fabric polo shirt and don’t go for a bold print. Hawaiian shirts are great to wear, but not for casinos! Instead, pair your chinos with a classy yet comfortable striped shirt, or opt for a solid color. A pair of brown moccasins will go perfectly with matching socks.

Again, the most important thing is to educate yourself beforehand and to feel comfortable in your outfits. Last important detail, think about the materials that breathe because they will do you a favor when you have adrenaline rushes in front of the poker and roulette tables.

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